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Ryan Babel Makes Debut Via Twitter

The Almighty Babelfish

Ryan Babel, reminding Liverpool supporters of his existence

Hoffenheim, 22nd February 2011

Former Liverpool benchwarmer and alleged pacey winger Ryan Babel has made his TSG Hoffenheim début in a mid-season break friendly match via the social networking site Twitter.

During his 65 minute run out Babel sat in the stands at VfL Sindelfangen’s freezing cold stadium, his much-vaunted left thumb ever hanging over the keyboard on his Blackberry.  His most telling contribution came after just 11 minutes when he claimed an assist for the opening Hoffenheim goal by tweeting “I totes would have done that too! Great goal. #RyanBabelIsTheGreatest”

It was a focused performance on the Internet by the Dutch international, with him  maintaining a tweet rate of one every three minutes in the first half, lengthening out to one every five minutes in the second half as he began to tire.  More impressive was the content of his tweets, sticking to the subject of the game over 80% of the time before deviating slightly towards the subjects of Justin Bieber, America’s Next Top Model and True Grit.

A small number of hardcore Hoffenheim fans applauded his performance as he was substituted, retweeting some of his finest moments, adding a further 31 followers to his account.

Babel was replaced by Nigerian striker Chinedu Obasi, who sat on the club coach inviting people to his Spotify playlists and was largely ineffective.


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