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Wenger Scolded by Wife for Prematurely Buying Brasso

Arsene dreams of shiny things.

London, February 27th 2011

Following accusations of an affair in 2010, Arsene Wenger is once again in hot water with his wife following her close examination of receipts following his visit to a Tesco Metro in Islington last week.

It is thought that Wenger purchased rudimentary foodstuffs, a copy of Heat magazine and most tellingly, six bottles of “Brasso” brand polish for silverware.

Despite earning a handsome salary as boss of Arsenal it is thought that Mr and Mrs Wenger constantly have disagreements over financial issues, and a source close to the couple has insisted that this might be “the final straw”.

Security camera footage from the store obtained by Inside the Sheepskin shows a positively giddy Wenger entering the shop on Friday night at 10.48pm, giggling like a schoolgirl.  He located the trophy polish before even looking for the rest of his shopping and emptied the shelf of the six bottles that were there before asking an assistant if there were any more in the back.  When he was answered in the negative he asked where the nearest subsequent store would be that would be open at such a late hour.  It is not known if he managed to purchase further bottles from another store.

The bottles of “Brasso” are now sitting in a cupboard in Wengers utility room, next to a celebratory basket of Polish sausage.

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