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Apparently This Week Some Shit Happened in the Europa League

Fuck, I don't even remember this at all.

Somewhere in Europe, March 11th 2011

Europe has awoken today with the vague knowledge that some games may have taken place in the Europa League last night.  Is that even what it’s called these days?

Fans of teams such as… Liverpool?  They’re still in it, right?  I think they are.  Anyway, fans of such teams are rolling their eyes at the fact that they’re in a cup that isn’t the Champions League and yet they seemingly have to make an effort to win games.  Who even won it last year?  Is that Athletico Madrid or Olympiakos?  I know one of those Eastern European teams won it a few years back.  I think.  The ones that play in orange.

Some teams will now have a mountain to climb in their second leg matches… what, next week?  The week after?  I guess we’ll know who played from England over the weekend when we see who has their games on Sunday afternoon.  Some teams will be feeling confident, and some teams will be level.  Yes.

You’re shitting me, Rangers are still in it?  Holy fuck.

Bookmakers are thought to have stopped taking bets on a team from Europe winning the trophy in May.  May?  Maybe April?  Definitely not June, that’s too late even in a non world cup year.  I bet it’ll be May.  They should probably play the final just before the Champions League final, like when they let kids play 5 a side before the playoff final at Wembley.  That’ll be nice for them, playing in front of a big crowd on an important day.

The trophy is made of silver, pewter and misplaced hopes and dreams.




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