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Barry Fry Places Self on Transfer List

Those trophies aren't his

Peterborough, March 11th 2011

Peterborough Director of Football Barry “Bazza” Fry has placed himself on the transfer list.

The cockney wideboy is famous for his transfer wheeling and dealing, but this is one of his boldest stunts yet.  He has placed a £3 million price tag on his head and states that he can play at inside-forward, centre midfield or in a boardroom by buying a squad of 60 strikers at any one time.

“I figure this is my best way out of Peterborough” said Fry yesterday.  “I’ve been here for bloody ages now, and people seem to have forgotten about me.  I’ve got a lot to offer any team – wit, banter and the ability to sign unknown non league players before selling them back to non league teams at a fraction of the price.”

Fry has listed his wage demands as “competitive”.  A source close to him has said that he could be tempted by £20,000 per year, a mock tudor semi detached house and a club owned Vauxhall Astra.

In addition to faxing every professional and semi-professional club in England, Fry has also listed himself on eBay under the heading “LOOK! MAN UTD LIVERPOOL ARSENAL BARCA INTER DIRECTOR OF FOOTBALL, A++++ CONDITION”.


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