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Gary Speed: “Bale is the new Giggs”

Don't get used to this

Cardiff, March 28th 2011

Gary Speed has likened starlet Gareth Bale to Manchester United and Wales legend Ryan Giggs in a press conference this afternoon.  Bale may be absent from the Wales squad due to an injury but he is still on the mind of Speed.

“Bale is a tremendous talent.  He reminds me of Ryan Giggs on so many levels:  Great pace, maturity beyond his years, an amazing left foot and the ability to have a hamstring injury whenever the national team is playing” said the new Wales boss.

Giggs is the all time Manchester United record holder but only appeared 64 times in a Wales career that stretched over 16 years.  Speed said of his former team-mate that he was a joy to behold in training:  “He would astonish us all with the excuses he would come up with to avoid a Wednesday night trip to Budapest.  if our physio ever gave his hamstring the all clear he would find another way.  I think he attended the funerals of around 17 different grandparents over the years.”

Speed also spoke of his admiration for Giggs’ recovering abilities.  “I don’t think he ever missed a Manchester United game after international duty, so that hamstring must be almost superhuman.  You’ve got to hand it to Giggsy, he’s at the top of his game one minute, then virtually crippled to avoid a game against Azerbaijan, then right at the top of his game again.  I think Gareth Bale is already learning a lot from him.”

Inside The Sheepskin tried to speak to Bale today but upon calling Tottenham’s training ground Harry Redknapp answered and told us that in addition to his hamstring strain Bale had got a “dicky tummy and was at home in bed and definitely not at training right now, no.”

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