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Kenny Dalglish Secretly Thinking About the Summer

Soon be on the beach, Ken

Liverpool, April 8th 2011

Anfield boss Kenny Dalglish has outwardly been discussing his side’s chances of making it into fifth place in the league, but sources close to him say that he is already secretly thinking about the summer.

Our source said that “he knows that the Red’s season is over already.  No chance of any trophies and they’re not going to finish fifth.”  He added that “the only thing keeping Kenny and the coaching staff from breaking up from their holidays already is the bet they’ve got going on whether Andy Carroll scores or gets arrested first.”

Dalglish has been seen thumbing through holiday brochures, planning outings with his wife to garden centres and any other activities that, to quote our source, “don’t involve thinking about the car-wreck that is Liverpool FC”.

It is thought that Dalglish has not ruled out taking a mid season break next year, treating his wife, children and grandchildren to a skiing holiday in Switzerland whilst leaving the team in charge of “someone who those sanctimonious fans will hail as a saviour until they mess up and I come back, tanned and healthy.”

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