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CUP SPECIAL: United Fans Have to Enjoy Arduous 30 Minute Tube Ride Home

Wrong colour ribbons

London, April 17th 2011

Following the traffic chaos that affected London over the weekend, Manchester United fans had their misery compounded when some of them had to endure journeys of up to 30 minutes to get home from Wembley following their 1-0 reverse to rivals Manchester City.

With the M1 closed from junctions 1 to 4, extra pressure was put on transport systems in London and many residents of the capital decided to not leave the city.  This meant much more congestion on the tube and extra irritation for United fans trying to get home in time for tea following their deserved defeat.

Some fans were incredulous with rage after being forced to wait for public transport for over 8 minutes at Wembley Park tube station.  To fill the time it is thought the United fans invented stories of how their relations were actually from Manchester, telling such stories in fake northern accents so bad that they wouldn’t be out of place in a Tesco Mobile advert.

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