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United Title Win Renders Meaning of Classic Song Utterly Forgotten

N..n..n..n.. oh, forget it

London, May 15th 2011

As Manchester United claimed their nineteenth league title on Saturday, musician Paul Hardcastle has been trying to remind people of the meaning of his 1985 number one single “19”.

Speaking from his Chelsea home today, Hardcastle felt mixed feelings towards the sudden surge in usage of his anti-war anthem.

“I am more than happy to take the royalties for the extra playing of the song” he said.  “But I’m a little alarmed at how people seem to be completely ignoring the message”.

He cited a four minute long season review video that has been circulating via email and YouTube as particularly ignoring the theme of the song – which features samples from Vietnam Requiem and narration from Peter Thomas.

“I can’t say I understand juxtaposing images of joy with audio descriptions of the horrors of war” said Hardcastle. “Although I did enjoy the irony of footage of Wayne Rooney being played as the line “Many vets complain of alienation, rage, or guilt” was read out.”

The song – which was released during the height of 1980s cold war paranoia – is thought to be yet another classic song that has been ruined forever by football.  It follows on from the Lightning Seeds “Life of Riley”, New Order’s “Regret” and Liverpool FC’s “The Anfield Rap”.


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