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Clever Little Wales Win a Match!


Cardiff, October 11th 2011

Whilst the rest of the UK watched England qualify for Euro 2012 on Friday night, it has just emerged that little tiny Wales also managed to win a game that same evening.  Against Switzerland, who are much bigger boys than them!

Wales boss Gary Speed treated his boys to a slap-up meal at Pizza Hut the following lunchtime, with the team’s proud mums also along to smile at their children, pat them on the back and wipe tomato sauce from their mouths with spittle-laced tissues.

Fans across the UK have reacted with glee as little Wales may even finish as high up as third in their group, which is a very impressive feat for such a tiny little team full of very clever little boys.  The team have not been able to walk through the streets of Cardiff without having their hair ruffled by old ladies, or firm handshakes from proud men.

“They’re such a good bunch of kids” said Speed at a press conference yesterday.  “Look at them.  We’re so proud, bless them.  Such a good effort from such a lovely group of little lads.  Bless their cotton socks.  Bless them all.”

Wales final group game is away at Bulgaria and it will be even more astonishing if little Wales can get a result there – especially as it is likely to be really cold and the Bulgarian boys are all big bullies with beards and tattoos who don’t even live with their mums anymore.


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