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Carlos Tevez Found Smoking On Oldham High Street

Celebrating finding a dog-end

Manchester, November 17th 2011

Want-away Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez has missed training again today – but has been hauled in by club staff after they found him “hanging around with a bunch of callow youths” on Oldham High Street, smoking Lambert and Butler cigarettes that one of the girls he was with stole from her mum’s handbag.

A club source told Inside the Sheepskin that Tevez was not happy at being discovered, screaming in a half-Argentinian, half-Mancunian accent that it “wasn’t fair” and that coaches Brian Kidd and David Platt were “always embarrassing him”.  He also made a point of shouting loudly that “he won’t need them any more soon”, before softening slightly and begging Platt to buy him a copy of Max Power magazine because it had free stickers with this month’s issue.

When Platt declined to buy the magazine, Tevez started crying.  He sat in the back of Platt and Kidd’s vehicle on the way back to the city training ground, with Kidd not even allowing Tevez to watch Family Guy on the in-car DVD player.

It is thought that Tevez is already making steps to weaken his ties to Manchester City though, by starting to date an 18 year old single mother called Tasha, changing the sim card out of his phone for a new one that the club don’t know the number for, and earning extra money by manning the waltzers at a travelling fair.


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