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Sepp Blatter Running Out of People to Piss Off

He only likes minorities this much

Geneva, November 17th 2011

Sources close to Sepp Blatter are reporting that the embattled FIFA president is struggling to find people to offend, after confidently stating that he had “finally checked all non-whites off the list”.

Blatter has created a media furore this week with his comments that racism on and off the pitch can be solved with a simple handshake, something that clearly everyone involved in World War Two and the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s were never informed of.  Blatter has in the past tried purchasing a DeLorean so he can go back in time and try to sort out every single problem on the face of the earth with his obviously superior brain and logic, but to no avail thus far.

In the past, Blatter has also offended homosexuals and women, stating to the latter that he would watch their game more if they would show of more “sweet, sweet ass”, and interrupting the women’s World Cup Final by getting the referee to halt the game and haul the players into the centre circle so he could soak them all with a bucket of water in an impromptu wet t-shirt contest to “boost ratings”.

Blatter has confided to his aides that he needs to create a list of groups he can target next, beginning by telling our source that he “could probably go at the Jews a bit more” and that at the Paralympics next year that he could probably “say a load of shit about cripples”.

His initial focus is said to be on children though, taking a two-pronged approach of both making them sexier and telling them that are worthless little playthings next to his massive intellect, enormous forehead and ability to say things without needing to think about them first.


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