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Joey Barton Makes $$$ From Home

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London, 20th September 2011

Joey Barton has become well-known for his tweeting recently, discussing issues from music to philosophy and gaining himself legions of fans for his often bizarre outbursts. He has now taken an even stranger turn, tweeting constantly today about a variety of money-making schemes that the player seems to have become involved in.

At 11.12am today, Barton tweeted “OMG, I made $$$ from home today, ask me how” before linking to a pyramid scheme website. He is thought to have sent this message as a direct tweet to all of the people he follows on the microblogging website, as well as seemingly targeting other Twitter users at random.

At 2.34pm, Barton tweeted the same link with the message “LOL, I’m a stay-home Mom and I made $400 in an hour today. LEGAL!!!!”, followed just 20 minutes later with a link to a prescription drugs website based in Slovakia with a tweet that read “Cialis, Viagra, Diazepam – GOOD PRICE FREE SHIP”.

Football experts have welcomed Barton’s diversification, praising him for having business sense beyond the confines of the game and applauding his constant use of the Twitter medium.  One said “It’s good enough that Joey helps us write headlines on slow days, now we can trust his business advice too. I’ve already signed up for his pyramid scheme that seems to be based in Nigeria and ordered a gross of high strength painkillers.”

Barton is not the first footballer to enjoy business links to cyberspace – this was of course Dion Dublin, who has been emailing hundreds of thousands of people each week telling them he can “MAKE UR PENIS MASSIVE!!! CUM LIKE A RACEHORSE!!!”.