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Brazilian Football Names Just Getting Daft

"Come on Trevor"

Brasilia, March 16th 2011

The Brazilian football association has been forced to admit this week that they are sadly running out of sensible names for new players.

“The time of catchy names for our players has passed” stated BFA vice president Roberto Ventura.  “We are now reduced to scraping the bottom of the name barrel”.

A low point came last year when a 15 year old youth team player at Santos ended up being called “Ronaldinhoinhoinhoinhoino” – literally “the fifth little lad called Ronaldo that we rate quite highly”.  The same  youth team side has several Anglicised names too – a Greg, Darren, Steve, Nigel and Tiddles.

Player nicknames are often given based on the skills that the players possesses.  Nigel, for example, is thought to be similar in playing style to former Chelsea and Liverpool midfielder Nigel Spackman, whilst Tiddles is a cat-like goalkeeper who happens to take free kicks.

One possible solution is taking the players long Portuguese names and turning their initials into acronyms – this is thought to be fraught with problems though, as Ventura explained: “Gremio have a young player called Carlos Umberto Negredo Thiago and he was fine using the acronym in Brazil but when he played in a tournament in the USA for some reason he got laughed off the park every game.”

Flamengo have started naming their players with more exotic names recently.  In line with their former full back now plying his trade with SC Braga in Portugal called George Lucas they have players called Indiana, Han, Luke and Darth.  When asked about choosing these names their coach stated that he chose the first three because of his fandom of the blockbuster films.  For the last he stated that was a factor but mainly “he’s called Darth because he’s black and has asthma.”